Business Ethics Governance & Risk December 2023


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Assignment Solution: Business Ethics, Governance & Risk December 2023

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Course: Business Ethics, Governance & Risk December 2023

Internal Assignment Applicable for December 2023 Examination

1. Choose any ONE listed company from the BSE/NSE list of top 150 companies by turnover. Locate the Business Responsibility & Sustainability Report or ESG Report (under Statutory Report) in the Annual Report of 2022-23. Read through the following.
 Section C, Principle 6 (in BRSR)
 Chairman and/or CEO’s letter (in annual report)
 Business strategy (in annual report)
 Risk management (in annual report)
 ESG performance (in annual report/ BRSR)
 Company website (ESG / sustainability)
 Sustainability/Integrated report (if available)
Explain in your own words the company’s relationship with water as a resource including. what is its water related risks, opportunities and financial implications. How does business manage/approach all its water related issues and initiatives as an overall business.
strategy such that it minimizes its negative impact on the environment as well as the local communities. (use quantitative data to support your answer where required). DO NOT copy paste. (10 Marks)

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2. Go through the Code of Conduct and all other corporate policies published on the company’s website. (Can use the same company as in Q1 or another company from the same list) Write an executive summary in your own words about all the key points/parameters covered in the code of conduct plus ONE other policy (NOT csr policy).
Conclude with your observations and insights about what both of them are meant to achieve. DO NOT copy paste. (10 Marks)

3. Today pollution is a growing health concern globally. It is seen as an essential evil on the path of economic growth and social development. Yet it needs to be addressed for all of us to have a reasonably good quality of life and access to clean air and water is a basic Human Rights.
a. Do you think pollution is ethically consumer responsibility as well? Why do you think so? (5 Marks)
b. Explain atleast two ethical dilemmas faced by companies while trying to reduce their pollution levels. (5 Marks)

Last date: 29th November 2023

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