Business Law April 2024


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Internal Assignment Applicable for April 2024 Examination

  1. In the recent past, social media marketing has witnessed an enormous increase. This has given birth to a bandwagon of social media influencers, who spend hours creating content and doing various other activities such as endorsing, reviewing, or advertising a brand. A survey recently conducted showed that 92% of consumers believed that influencer marketing was an effective form of marketing. With the increase in the industry, various issues in this regard have also elevated. Explain whether the Consumer Protection Act 2019 covers advertisements by social media influencers and if yes, the situations when and all the advertisement by such social media influencer may be considered as misleading advertisement. (10 marks)


  1. It was observed that a contract made by free consent and will of parties who are thus competent under the law to contract for a lawful consideration providing a lawful consideration and thus not expressly declared by any law or contract act to be void. Explain the concept of valid, void and voidable contract along with explaining the essentials of valid contract. (10 marks)


  1. Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Bill 2023 is proposed to be passed by the Government of India. It is opined in public that Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Bill 2023 would erode the right to information and weaken the accountability of public servants to citizens.


  1. a) Examine how DPDP Bill 2023 might affect the genesis of the Right to Information Act. (5 marks)


  1. b) Explain the duties of a Public Information Officer under the Right to Information Act. (5 marks)

Last date:30 march

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