Essentials of HRM December 2023


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Assignment Solution : Essentials of HRM December 2023

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Course: Essentials of HRM December 2023

Internal Assignment Applicable for December 2023 Examination

Q1. Explain how you would do a job analysis for the position of “Successful Student” and create a job description using the various elements. Explain your choices of essential functions and job specifications. (10 marks)

Q2. Which training methods would be most effective to train the taste testers? Discuss how each ofthe levels in Kirkpatrick’s model could be applied to the training for the positions.
Would another evaluation method be more relevant? Explain. (10 marks)

Q3. Design an employee selection program for hiring stock traders. We already know what to look for as far as the technical skills are concerned such as accounting skills, economics, and so on. What we want is a program for screening out potential bad apples. To that end, please let us know the following:
a) What screening tests would you suggest, and why? (5 marks)

b) What questions should we add to our application form? (5 marks)

Last date : 29th November

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