Marketing research December 2023


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Assignment Sample Solution: Marketing research December 2023

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Course: Marketing research December 2023

Internal Assignment Applicable for December 2023 Examination

Question 1:  Apple Inc. sees a decline in sale of iPhone in India. They perceived that the new launches such as foldable smartphones by competitors are a threat to their products. They hire you in a role of market researcher and give a task to understand customer preferences for foldable smartphones. Develop a survey questionnaire that captures consumers’ opinions AND features, design, price, and brand reputation. (10 Marks)

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2. Fab India wants to introduce a new clothing line targeting millennial. As a market researcher, develop a questionnaire to conduct in-depth interviews with a representative sample of millennial to understand their fashion preferences, lifestyle, and purchasing behavior. List down the questions and analyze them using thematic analysis. (10 Marks)

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3. Urban Homes Developers, a renowned real estate company, is exploring the idea of building a new and innovative housing project in the bustling city of Navi Mumbai, India. The vision is to create a modern living haven that combines contemporary design, sustainable features, and a vibrant community lifestyle. As the project’s market researcher, the goal is to understand potential buyers’ preferences, budget constraints, and location preferences to shape the development according to their needs and aspirations.

a. As a market researcher, design a survey based questionnaire to assess potential buyers’ preferences, budget constraints, and location preferences for the new housing development. The survey must include both qualitative and quantitative questions.(5 Marks)

b. Identify the Target Market and characteristics of ideal respondents.(5Marks)


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