Services marketing April 2024


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Assignment Sample Solution: Services marketing April 2024

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Course: Services marketing April 2024

Internal Assignment Applicable for April 2024 Examination

Q1. A lot of healthcare services are today available online. For example, you can consult a doctor online without having to visit him. What do you think would be the factors and the features of the mobile app/online facility that would attract your customers to this online service? (10 Marks)

Q2. “All franchising businesses are not successful.” Dunkin Donuts in India for example is not doing well, however Baskin and Robbins using a franchise mode of operations has been very successful. You want to become an entrepreneur running your own franchise.
What would be the challenges and advantages of using the franchise mode? (10 Marks)
Q3. Ram is opening a sports bar. The problem with bars is that it is highly regulated, though profit margins are high and there is very little to differentiate in the offering. He believes that Serviscape plays a critical role in the overall service experience and could act as a differentiator. He has asked you for your advice.
a) Can the ServiScape be a differentiator to the brand, integrated with the service offering? (5 Marks)
b) How will you communicate your target audience about your ServiScape? (5 Marks)

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