Fundamentals of Big Data & Business Analytics December 2023


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Assignment Sample Solution: Fundamentals of Big Data & Business Analytics December 2023

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Course: Fundamentals of Big Data & Business Analytics December 2023

Internal Assignment Applicable for December 2023 Examination

1. There are various types of business analytics procedures that can be performed on a problem statement. Assume you’re working with a low-cost airline based in India as an analytics advisor. Define and state 3 different use cases of your choice that the airline company could use. Mention briefly about how the different types of business analytics procedures could be used in each of the use cases. (10 Marks)
2. Alseth is a multi-national top end electric vehicle manufacturer and a market leader in providing autonomous driving features. No other car manufacturer in the world is anywhere near Alseth in the autonomous driving space. Being at the forefront comes
with its challenges.
Alsept’s top management heard about its software not being able to differentiate between 2-wheelers, i.e., motorcycles and bicycles. Which caused an erroneous speed estimation of those 2-wheelers and led to some non-fatal accidents. The organization
wants to avoid this. For which, it needs a lot of data to train the model. But it’s not storing any data from their cars. Some of the users agreed to share the image/video data from their cars but Alseth doesn’t have a data collection or storage or processing
methodology in place because all the processing thus far has been on the on-board units (OBUs). To solve this the firm consults and gives you the responsibility to design their
pipeline. They don’t have any historical data on any kind of 2-wheelers.
How do you approach this problem holistically using both big data and business analytics concepts? Explain the big data component for storage and processing, and analytics component of approaching this use case and what would you do in each of the stages. Goal is to help company collect, store, process data and better predict and classify between different kinds of 2-wheelers. (10 Marks)
3. Costco, a high-volume low-cost retailer like D-Mart is planning to start operations in India. Help them and identify 10 locations, which will have high reachability, multi city presence and many more that aid Costco in building a pan India chain in 5-10 years.
You are not just helping them identify the top cities but also the localities and the specific area in which they should open.

a. Which types of analysis could be used to solve this problem and maximise the outcome for Costco? Explain the data needed to solve this problem. (5 Marks)
b. For the purposes of customer relationship management, Costco is planning to collect data of customers and their purchases to provide better services. Which kind of data storage
should they prefer? An on-premises data facility or a cloud data facility? Why? (5 Marks)

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