Information System for Managers september 2023


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Assignment Solution :Information System for Managers september 2023

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Course: Information System for Managers september 2023

Internal Assignment Applicable for september 2023 Examination

Q.1) ABS Bank has provision of accommodating only 100 bank accounts of Customers. The entire bank operations are being managed by the bank using the cloud services provided by the vendor. The number of account holders who wish to open their account in ABS bank suddenly increased to 150. As the bank can only accommodate 100 bank accounts, therefore, the problem of managing extra 50 account lies. Suggest how the sudden increase of 50 bank accounts will be managed by the ABS bank. Which cloud deployment models were used by the ABS bank prior to increase in bank accounts and after the bank accounts were suddenly increased. Discuss the features of each cloud deployment models in detail and also how ABS bank will manage these deployment models.

Q.2) Edutech is a prominent educational institution offering a range of degree programs at both graduation and post-graduation levels. The institution’s daily operations are managed by a course coordinator, who handles student inquiries and admissions. Additionally, the admission department’s manager has the authority to grant fee concessions to groups of students. Moreover, the top management makes decisions on launching new programs based on the received inquiries. To efficiently handle these tasks and aid decision-making, the institution requires various information systems. This essay will discuss the Transaction Processing System (TPS), Management Information System (MIS), and Executive Support System (ESS) for Edutech, along with their respective features.

Q.3) In a State University, the processes of various departments like admission, enrolment, academics, examination etc needs to be integrated together to establish relevant coordination between the various departments of the university. Considering the above scenario, answer the following:

a. Specify the system which the university will use so that the processes of all the departments can be streamlined. Also, mention its benefits and features.

b. Discuss the challenges in implementing that system.

Last date : 29th August

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