Procurement management April 2024


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Assignment Sample Solution: Procurement management April 2024

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Course: Procurement management April 2024

Internal Assignment Applicable for April 2024 Examination

Q.1 Procure Link Enterprises is a medium-sized procurement and supply chain management company that operates in various industries. The company recognizes the potential benefits of adopting e-procurement strategies to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline procurement processes. However, it is facing challenges in understanding the evolution of e-procurement, establishing effective pricing and business strategies, implementing online catalogues, and leveraging online auctions. Describe the evolution of e-procurement, including its various stages and technological advancements and explain how understanding this evolution can guide ProcureLink Enterprises in developing a robust e-procurement strategy. Also, recommend pricing models and business strategies
that ProcureLink Enterprises can adopt to ensure competitiveness and profitability in the e procurement marketplace. (10 Marks)
Q.2 MetroBuild Infrastructures is a construction company specializing in large-scale infrastructure projects. The company often engages in contracts with government agencies
to build roads, bridges, and public facilities. MetroBuild is challenged with determining appropriate pricing strategies, managing government influences on pricing, and addressing
the complexities of contract cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances. Evaluate the factors that MetroBuild should consider when determining pricing for its infrastructure
contracts and propose strategies for MetroBuild to manage and negotiate government influences on pricing while maintaining a fair and mutually beneficial partnership. Also, suggest a contingency plan and contractual clauses that MetroBuild should include to mitigate risks associated with contract cancellations and unexpected project disruptions. (10 Marks)
Q.3 GlobalTronics Ltd. is a multinational electronics company that sources components and materials from various countries for its manufacturing operations. The company is committed to upholding ethical standards and complying with relevant laws in its procurement practices. However, the purchasing team is faced with complex decisions related to international buying ethics, the legal authority of purchasing managers, and
contract law.
a) Explain the legal authority and responsibilities of a purchasing manager and discuss the importance of ethical considerations in global sourcing decisions for GlobalTronics.
(5 Marks)
b) Describe different methods of global sourcing that Globetronics can adopt to procure products from international suppliers and outline the factors that they should consider
when evaluating potential global suppliers. (5 Marks)

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