Compensation and benefits December 2023


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Assignment Sample Solution: Compensation and benefits December 2023

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Course: Compensation and benefits December 2023

Internal Assignment Applicable for December 2023 Examination

Q1) ABC Metallurgicals Pvt Ltd is a medium scale manufacturer engaged in producing castings (big, medium & small) for the auto industry. It proposes to set-up a new plant in the vicinity of Pune, Maharashtra and their MD has approached you to design their Compensation structure. Explain briefly how you would proceed from the principles.
(10 marks)

Q2) The M.D of a big hospital has approached you to solve the problem of manpower attrition. It seems that good people are being recruited but they are leaving after two or three years which is not only hampering service to patients but is also affecting the hospital’s reputation. He wants you to study the situation and recommend appropriate strategies. What will your strategy be to improve the situation in the hospital? (10 marks)

Q3) Get-well hospitals is a reputed chain of hospitals in the southern part of the country and recently they have decided to open a branch in a city in Western India. As a first step
they had advertised for the position of “Staff Nurses” with nursing qualification and adequate experience. From the numerous applicants they selected fifteen ladies from
diverse background, w.r.t age, qualification, experience, attitude, physical fitness & communication skill.

Q3a) The “Administrator” of that hospital wants you to design an appropriate scheme so that they can rank these ladies (from best to last) and give them the compensation befitting their worth to the orgn. Discuss the “scheme” that you would design to assess these ladies. Their requisite Job Description & Job Specification is given below. (5 marks)

Q3b) You are requested to suggest how the selected persons can be compensated. (5 marks)
Job Description
i) Monitor and record vital health parameters of indoor patients & communicate to attending doctor in case of any abnormalities
ii) Provide proper medication to individual patients as per doctor’s advice
iii) Accompanying Resident Doctor/Specialist on rounds and act on their advice
iv) Maintain patient hygiene as well as in the hospital ward by directing cleaning staff
v) Maintain liaison with Dietician regarding food for individual patients
vi) Maintain liaison with Lab for doctor prescribed tests and place report to doctor
vii) Be kind to patients, especially while dealing with elderly ones
viii) Be always cautious to identify any life-threatening deterioration in patient’s health

Job Qualification
i) Must have appropriate “Nursing” qualifications & at least seven years of ward experience out of which three years should be in a big hospital.
ii) Must be physically fit & quite agile to give effective care to each patient
iii) Must be able to communicate in local language, English and preferably Hindi
iv) Must have good knowledge about what emergency medicine to use in which situation.
v) Should be having good behaviour & capable of providing emotional support
vi) Should be having technical competence to computerize all medical records
vii) Should be able to handle specialised medical equipment like ventilator, PAP

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