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Internal Assignment Applicable for December 2023 Examination

1. You have just been appointed to the newly created position of VP of IT at Sparrow Industries – a 60-year manufacturing company in Chandigarh. In your first meeting, the CEO, Satinder Singh Sparrow, told you that he is unhappy with the present situation of disparate legacy IT systems in the company and wants them to be fully integrated. You recommended that the company move to a Standard ERP System.
As a first step, the CEO has asked you to assess the Feasibility of this initiative.
What types of feasibility studies will you perform and what would they assess?
Prepare an Executive Summary of the outcomes of the Feasibility Study to serve as a basis for a detailed discussion with the CEO and the rest of the Leadership.
(10 Marks)

2. You are a consultant to Allied Insurance Ltd. You are required to prepare the RFP to be issued to System Integrators for implementing a Core Insurance Platform Applied Epic or Guidewire and integrating it to Allie’s existing Systems – D365
ERP & D365 CRM. Present the executive summary of the RFP with all requisite sections. For additional information on the specific products, you may refer the company websites. (10 Marks)

3. Mr. Chandy, CEO of Aluva Cooperative Bank has convened a meeting for all the CxOs to discuss the bank’s IT Strategy Roadmap. At this meeting Mr. Vijay Kumar, the newly appointed CIO has announced his intention to embark on an Application
Modernization Program to update all the Bank’s Legacy (Non-Core) Applications.
In this regard, Mr. Vijay Kumar has stated that he intends to Outsource the Development and ongoing Maintenance & Support of these Applications to a 3rd party IT Partner. Mr. Moideen, the COO of the company, is skeptical and asks if Mr.
Vijay Kumar has considered all the issues involved.
When Mr. Chandy, asked him if he had specific concerns, Mr. Moideen immediately said “I see two issues that need detailed discussion… (1) How will we ensure a Smooth Transition and Implementation and (2) How will we maintain Confidentiality of Information?”
How will Mr. Vijay Kumar respond to Mr. Moideen’s queries on…
a. Smooth Transition and Implementation? (5 Marks)
b. Confidentiality of Information? (5 Marks)

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